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What's Inside Matters™...

…Maytag®’s tagline is a statement of their 100+  year old commitment to offering premium quality, lifetime appliances that are easier, simpler, and more convenient.

PureSafe™ AWS proudly features The Maytag® APR Series Water Conditioner which treats the water coming into your home, providing not only luxurious refined water, but also the peace of mind that comes with owning a Maytag®.

Our solutions can address almost any water quality issue for residential consumers.

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Enjoy Pure, Safe Indoor Air

Breakthrough Technology Providing Superior Indoor Air Quality…

The Qualitair is a whole-house air purifier and sanitizer that scrubs the air in your home using the same process that mother nature uses to clean the air outside.

Now, you can experience the luxury of fresh air in your own home!

100% All-Natural Soaps & Cleaning Products

Fat Free, Grease Free Low Moisture Cooking

Professional Platinum Cookware will not only change the way you cook, but it will change your life!

Waterless & Greaseless cooking in a sealed environment creates a wide range of meals while keeping almost all of the nutrients that are lost through baking, frying, boiling, pressure cooking, or steaming.

Your meals won’t just taste better, they’ll be healthier also!

Pure Water. Clean Air. Safe Surfaces.