Why Choose PureSafe™?

A Commitment To Integrity & Professionalism.

Unfortunately, the residential water treatment industry is overrun by companies that are owned & managed by salespeople who are more concerned with profits than actually understanding how to properly fix water problems or service customers after the sale. 

Our Owner

Working for others, I sold hundreds of systems before I realized that the presentation I was taught involved false premises and false promises to me and to my customers.

Being able to live with myself is important, so I made a decision to do 7 things- 

1) start my own company

2) learn how to properly treat water

3) adhere to industry best practices

4) only sell products I believe in

5) do right by my customers

6) prioritize service after the sale

7) always be a “hands on” owner

I am active in every aspect of the business and I make a point to have personal contact with every customer to make sure that their needs are getting met according to my own high standards.

I look forward to meeting you and to serving you!

-Jason Roberts

Why We Chose Maytag®

Quality, Innovation, & Durability

A water treatment system that’s designed, engineered, and assembled in America has a certain standard to live up to and we only wanted to offer the absolute BEST products.

When you have a Maytag® water conditioner in your home, there’s a little something extra inside- Hardworking, American dependability.

Dependability means that your family is protected from the adverse effects of untreated water…all day, every day.

So take a shower, wash your clothes, and drink your water without a care. Your Maytag® water treatment system has it all under control.

No Cost
No Obligation

Pure Water. Clean Air. Safe Surfaces.