12" x 9" Urgent Express Envelope Co-Op Mailer

Target Your Best Prospects At The Best Moment!

Imagine having a full-page (8.5″ x 11″), full-color brochure delivered to new homeowners within a few days to a couple of weeks after arriving in their new home at a cost of just 67 cents each!  On average,  there are @ 1500 new homeowners moving into homes valued between $350,000 to $500,000 per month within the 5 counties surrounding Charlotte, NC plus York County, SC.7\

On a daily basis, we receive the data for the previous day’s real estate closing transactions for those sale amounts in those areas.  EVERY SINGLE DAY we will mail those new homeowners a massive 12″ wide x 9″ tall envelope that looks like a DHL or Fedex letter package.  To help offset our own printing and mailing costs (over $3 per recipient), we have decided to offer 5 other reputation-vetted, category-exclusive local businesses an opportunity to be included in our daily mailings.  

We handle everything.  We acquire the data and use it to print mailing labels.  We stuff the envelopes, seal them, add the address labels, add the postage, and then take them to the local post office every day, Tuesday through Saturday.

We do NOT make a penny off of you on this.  We are doing this simply to offset our own expenses while giving ourselves the same advantages we are offering you- a showstopping piece of mail + first to the mailbox timing.   We are as invested in the success of the mailer as you are!

What Your Ad Will Look Like...

We will have ONE brochure printed that is 25.5″ wide x 11″ tall, which is then tri-folded to 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall.  Our company offers a complimentary $75 gift card to Amazon or Lowe’s with participation in a FREE in-home water test.  The $75 gift card is promoted on the first page as a “Welcome To Your New Home” Gift from ALL of us.  You will have one full 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall page to yourself.   Use that space however you see fit.  You can provide camera-ready artwork or, for $100 I will help you create your ad if needed.  Click HERE to see a sample of the cover page.  Click HERE to see a sample of the reply postcard.

All they have to do is call us, text us, email us, or mail back an enclosed postcard to schedule delivery of their complimentary $75 housewarming gift.  On delivery, our rep will remind them of who the other 5 sponsoring advertisers were and, optionally, you can provide additional promotional materials (flyers, magnets, coupons, promo items, etc.) that we will put directly into the hands of all of the homeowners who invite us out.  Note:  They only get the $75 with full participation in our water testing & demonstration.  That’s why it’s “complimentary”, not free.

Terms & Payment...

1,500 new homeowners per month x $0.67= $1,000, so your expected expense is roughly $1,000 per month but could be more or less depending on the actual number of new leads in a given month.

This is a “pay as you go” program.  You will simply start with a deposit of $1,000.  We will keep your credit card on file.  Every time your account balance dips below $500,  we will immediately charge you whatever amount brings your balance back up to $1,000.  

There is no long-term commitment per se.  However,  1) Please don’t join if you aren’t serious about consistently mailing to these new homeowners.  2)  We will require 30 days’ notice to give us time to replace you and to recover from the wasted printing that will have to be thrown away and redone.

That’s where the $1,000 deposit comes in.  Once you give notice, we will no longer charge your card on file but we will continue to include you in the mailer for 30 days or until your balance reaches $0.  IF your balance isn’t depleted within that 30 day period, then we will refund you the difference immediately on day 31.

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