Messerstahl®- Knives That Look Sharp Too!

Cutting Edge Technology. Literally.

High-Quality Steel For Long-Lasting Sharpness
  =No More Dull Knives!

Textra-Grip Handles For Superior Grip & Comfort
  =No-Slip & Super Hygienic

Hand-Forged Full Tang Construction For Precise Balance

Convenient Flex Rod Universal Knife Block 
  =Choose Your Own Assortment
  + prevent knives from dulling or chipping
  + they are dishwasher safe

Lifetime Warranty- Guaranteed!

High Quality Steel For Long Lasting Sharpness

No More Dull Knives

Messerstahl® blades are crafted from a mixture of Japanese steel. This special alloy steel is famously known throughout the world for its strength and sharpness.

All Messerstahl® Cutlery is forged.  The forging process creates the strongest and sharpest blades possible while also making the blade less flexible, allowing these knives keep an edge longer and making them easier to sharpen.

The full tang adds weight to the handle of the knife, creating impeccable blade balance. 

Superior Design. Superior Cut. Cook Like A Pro.

Asian Cleaver

5 Pc. Starter Set

5 Pc. Completer Set

6 Pc. Steak Knives


7-in-1 Shears

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