The Professional Platinum Cooking System

Simply The Finest Cookware On The Planet

The Professional Platinum Cooking System is the result of giving the very best in research, quality, and design since 1979.

Normal cookware falls short.  Professional Platinum Cookware will not only change the way you cook, but it will change your life!

Professional Platinum Cookware is made of the finest grade Titanium infused stainless steel (T304) and each unit has special heat transmitting properties for fast, even heat distribution. 

The Lifetime Guarantee Is Stamped On The Bottom Of Every Pan!

It’s precision-engineered to allow for Waterless & Greaseless Cooking in a sealed environment creates a wide range of meals while keeping almost all of the nutrients that are lost through boiling, pressure cooking, or steaming.

Your meals won’t just taste better, they’ll be healthier also!

Amazing Features= The Ultimate Cooking Experience


Makes the utensil strong & durable + facilitates even heat distribution.

Nutrithermic Base

Provides fast heat accumulation, stores heat, and distributes heat evenly.

Vapor Seal

A perfect-fitting lid creates a vacuum ensuring no heat loss and eliminates odors.

Temp Alert Knob

Check the internal temp., enjoy reduced cooking time, and eliminate pot watching.

Lid Cradle Feature

Conserve counter space and eliminates making a mess.

Trivet Feature

Serve directly from the stove to the table.

Dripless Pour Edge

Empty the pan without making a mess.

Stay Cool Handles

Allow for a safe, stable, comfortable hold when the utensil is hot.

Stack Cooking

Conserve energy plus cook an entire meal on one burner on top of the stove.

The Professional Platinum 21 Piece Set

-2, 3, 4, and 7 Quart Saucepots w/ Covers

-Larget Skillet w/ Cover

-Medium & Large Utility Bowls w/ Covers

-Steamer AND Steamer Basket w/ Handle

-Grater/Utility Rack w/ Handle

-Adapter Ring 

-Suction Knob

Premiums & Accessories

13" Grill Pan

The ridges create appetizing markings and allow excess fats to drip from food while cooking. 

Wok w/ Dome Cover

Your favorite meals can be cooked, steamed, fried or baked completely evenly on a non-stick surface.  

Oval Roaster

Enjoy a huge variety of cooking options, braise, roast, smoke, stew or cook in water or stock bath with the deep roasting pan. 

20 Quart

The tall sides ensure stocks and stews will turn out perfect by slowing the evaporation of liquids while cooking. 

12 Quart

Cook for the whole family and leave recipes to simmer without having to worry about hot spots and uneven cooking.

Adaptar Ring

It’s perfect for any dish that needs to release steam throughout the cooking process.

Jumbo Skillet

Perfect for basting, searing, pan-frying and browning, the Jumbo Gourmet Skillet might be the most versatile in your kitchen. 

Large Skillet

Perfect for basting, searing, pan-frying, and browning, the Large Gourmet Skillet is a must-have go-to. 

Medium Skillet

A smaller surface space and rounded edges make for perfect cooking conditions for sauces, vegetables, or quick heating

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