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Maytag® APR Series Water Refiners

The Maytag® APR water refiner is a whole house water treatment system that offers your family peace of mind with consistent high-quality water.

It works around the clock ensuring that your entire home receives the trouble-free benefits of refined, clean, soft water. 

Foul odors and tastes will be a thing of the past.  Clothes and linens will be softer, brighter and last longer.

Water spots, scaling of water-using appliances and fixtures, soap scum, and other water quality issues will become distant memories.

The Next Generation Of Water Purification

The Maytag® water treatment system is more efficient than other water treatment systems in regard to water and salt usage, making it environmentally friendly.

What's Inside?

Reduces chlorine, unpleasant taste, and odors.

The high microporosity of the carbon’s pores allows it to trap microscopic particles and larger organic molecules, while the activated surface areas cling to, or absorb, small organic molecules.

It also removes free chlorine, eliminating the chlorine taste as well as protecting the other purification media in the system.

Carbon has a long life and water capacity.  Just one pound of carbon has anywhere from 60 to 150 acres of surface area, allowing large amounts of water to filter through the system in minimum amounts of time.

Removes Iron & Hardness-causing minerals

This synthetic resin is comprised of small electrically charged beads that continuously attract positively charged ions from your water, like calcium and magnesium- exchanging sodium ions in return.  This filtration state removes hardness and reduces clear water iron.

Our proprietary resin is super efficient, requiring a lot less salt than most competitors.

Hardness interferes with the cleaning power of soaps, builds up limescale deposits which can foul plumbing, shortens the lifespan of water-based appliances, scratches glass/stemware/flatware, stains fixtures  & faucets, and accelerates galvanic corrosion.

Inhibits bacteria growth and reduces heavy metals.

This patented media controls scale, bacteria, fungi, and algae.  It’s capable of removing up to 99% of water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals.

It works by creating an electrochemical reaction solution (called redox), which transfers electrons between molecules,  thus forming new molecules. In the process, some harmful contaminants are rendered harmless.  For example:  Free chlorine is converted into water-soluble chrlorid.

Provides 20-micron sediment filtration and even distribution of water flow.

Once the first 3 stages of the filtration process are complete, Garnet Filtration Media ensures that the water is as clear as possible and free of sediment before entering your home.  It also enhances the surface area of the lower distributor, reducing water channeling as the water flows downward through the refiner.

Key Features

This self-cleaning process uses a computer to anticipate your needs based on learning your habits in order to control the water flow and regenerant strength in order to maximize the efficiency of the cleaning process.

A fancy term for an innovative process that only regenerates the depleted portion of the media. The system is regenerated from the bottom of the tank up using refined water to maximize efficiency, ensure optimum water refining quality & capacity, and extend the life of the ion exchange media.

A low electric current is sent through two built-in titanium plates which causes a molecular reaction that creates a special cleansing solution which decontaminates by effectively inhibiting bacteria growth within the media bed.

Unlike other systems that require frequent manual inspection of the salt tank, this feature gives peace of mind against the myriad of problems that can arise as a result of brine tank-related issues.

Ensures the refiner is kept fresh & clean, even when not in use.  This feature allows the system to regenerate after a predetermined number of days even if the metered water usage hasn’t triggered automatic regeneration.

Allows you to “pickle” the tank by filling it with brine water and leave the system unattended for extended periods of time without the need to regenerate or the worry of fouling the media.

Allows for very high flow rates so the system can keep up with high volume water usage in the home.

This special type of digital memory allows the programming to be retained even if power is lost, even if it’s gone for days or weeks.  Therefore, once power is restored, no service call would be required for reprogramming.

Provides backup power in the event of an outage without the hassles of maintaining batteries for backup power like less sophisticated systems. 

Unlike other warranties that exclude the media or put limits on the coverage of the digital components of the valve, you can rest assured that your system is covered 100%.

Save your hard-earned money and your precious time for things you enjoy. Because when it comes to making your life easier, Maytag® has you covered.

Maytag® M550 Drinking Water System

Your Maytag® drinking water system incorporates five stages of advanced treatment, including cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology, to deliver fresh, purified water on demand.

And you can be proud that you’re doing your part to cut down on plastic pollution from bottled water.

Maytag® likes your style!

So fill up a tall glass of the freshest water, make yourself a great cup of coffee, and cook the best tasting meals in the neighborhood with confidence, because you have the Maytag® drinking water system, operating quietly and automatically – 24/7.

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Maytag® Carbon Pre-Filter

Your Maytag® Water Treatment System gets an extra boost of power with the addition of a prefilter, which provides an extra layer of filtration for your household water.

A carbon prefilter provides reduction of chlorine, taste and odor from the water, improving the quality of water throughout the whole house.

The Iron Boss By The Leveredge

Historically, iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide were treated using large, multiple tanks, high maintenance systems that utilized chemical oxidizing agents.

Iron Boss filters do the job using one extraordinary all-natural filtration and oxidation media without adding any chemical additives. 

Iron Boss filters can be used in conjunction with a Water Refiner, Drinking Water System, and UV light, as part of a complete water treatment solution.

UV Light Water Sanitizer

In order to be confident your water is free of pathogenic microbes, you must destroy them through disinfection. Municipal water systems do an effective job of guarding against waterborne microbes by chemically disinfecting the water with chlorine.

Children, the elderly, and anyone with a lowered immune system are the most susceptible to waterborne bacteria.

The addition of an Ultra Violet Light to your household water treatment system further assures your family that their drinking water is pathogenic microbe-free.

In Europe, UV disinfection has been utilized in water sanitation for 90 years. While no method is 100% effective, UV sanitization works as household water passes through the stainless steel disinfection chamber. Ultra Violet Light sterilizes anything that has nucleic acids including pathogens, Salmonella, Hepatitis, and E. coli.* UV disinfecting is equally effective against protozoan organisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

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Pure Water. Clean Air. Safe Surfaces.